Get More Clients … with Story-based Marketing!

We provide story-based coaching, publishing, writing and content marketing services for small businesses. We believe that behind every small business is a great story that deserves to be told well.

StoryonTabletBe a Better Story: Brand Building Strategies

We help you discover your story, tell your story and share your story -  through our world-class storytelling experts and creative talent, coaching programs and powerful software for creating, distributing, and optimizing content.

Our “Be a Better Story” signature coaching/education program helps build your story-based brand and gets your marketing to stand out.


NetworkCreativesTell a Better Story: Publishing Resources and Storytelling Talent

Our tools plug into a network of 15,000 professional journalists, copywriters, graphic artists, video producers, and award-winning photographers.

Let us help you with our writing, editing and project management services.



shareyourstoryShare your Stories: Content Marketing

Once you have your core stories and your narrative strategies, you have to share your stories with the world. You have to weave your core stories into trans-media, compelling narratives published across regular blog posts, email campaigns, e-books, white papers, landing pages, social media posts, videos, infographs- and not just once – over and over again.

We offer full-scale content marketing & blogging management.


DianeOnStage300Telling Better Stories: Workshops & Business Education

Invite award-winning educator, speaker and business woman Diane Currie Sam to come and teach her “How to Tell Good, Marketable Story” workshop. Learn principles of a well-told marketing story. Why create stand-out signature stories? How to use stories to grow your business and motivate your team. How stories can be re-purposed in multiple venues, and for multiple media purposes, and the power of a story.

Learn lots, have fun, and hear some great stories with international speaker and educator, Diane Currie Sam, BSc, MA.

Ready to Get Started?

Register here for a complimentary “Discover Your Business Story” consultation and assessment to see if this is right for you and to see how we can help you with your marketing and content development.

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